Together, let's build the House of Ukraine in the Cité Internationale.

In solidarity with the Ukrainian people the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris appeals to your generosity to welcome students, researchers and academics affected by the war in Ukraine.

The virtual House of Ukraine is for all those affected by the war

First site to welcome international students and researchers in Paris for almost 100 years, the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Together with the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the Cité Internationale has imagined a virtual House of Ukraine. This highly symbolic project suggests a place that is close to reality. Students, researchers and academics will be welcomed in the 43 houses on campus.

Welcoming talents

The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris wishes to welcome and support up to 500 students, researchers and academics affected by the war in Ukraine from the start of the 2022 academic year. There is no House of Ukraine on campus, but the virtual House of Ukraine symbolically compensates for this absence. In order to offer them the best possible hosting conditions, this project has three objectives: to provide them with accommodation within the 43 houses on campus, to accompany them and to preserve the Ukrainian youth and academic community. The House of Ukraine embodies the hope of a renewal based on knowledge and values of tolerance.

Supporting their success

Students, researchers and academics affected by the war will be assisted in their administrative procedures. They will benefit free of charge from all our support services: financial, social, psychological, medical and linguistic support. They will also benefit from the cultural and artistic activities offered on campus. They will also be able to benefit from the cultural and artistic events on campus. They will share the daily life of nearly 7,000 residents of 150 nationalities. We will also accompany Ukrainian students living in other parts of the Île-de-France Region to form a Ukrainian community.

Preserving their future

Students, researchers and academics affected by the war will be able to thrive in a particularly privileged environment with strong values. They must not be hindered from achieving their personal and professional goals. We will support their success in a medium-term perspective in order to preserve the Ukrainian youth and academic community.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte's talent at the service of a collective work
I couldn't help but accept this project, which appeared to me as an obvious choice. The House of Ukraine is a virtual project, highly symbolic, which evokes the drama of a country I am particularly fond of. I wanted to suggest a place where students could live and work. The House of Ukraine is a positive perspective on the future.
Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect, President of Wilmotte & Associés
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Together let's build the House of Ukraine to offer a real opportunity to the Ukrainian youth

To carry out this project, the Cité internationale is launching a call for donations, an NFT sale and an auction. The funds raised will be used to house and support students, researchers and academics affected by the war and to set up an emergency aid fund.

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Advantageous tax deductions: 66% deductible from your income tax, 75% deductible from your real estate wealth tax.
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Become the owner of the House of Ukraine designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte through an NFT sale.

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You will be able to buy 3 signed paper prints of Jean-Michel Wilmotte's drawings and a model designed by the architect during an online auction on June 8, 2022 organised by Sotheby's France, Europe and New-York.
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Companies that support us

Fondation Juliana
Maison des Etudiants Suedois
Fondation Bieremans-Lapotre
Casa De Mexico
Maison Heinrich Heine

Our residents from around
the world get involved

We are looking forward to welcoming students from Ukraine in the near future. We are rolling up our sleeves to fit out 4 new rooms.

Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, Luxembourg

The day the war started, my heart was broken and my life was changed forever. Being able to accommodate Ukrainian students and researchers would save their live and provide them with the safety to resume work and continue contributing to the world of education and science.

Maison de l’Île de France, Ukrainian

Because of the war in Ukraine I know I can lose my home any minute. I feel at home in the Maison du Portugal and I wish that every Ukrainian student who has lost theirs could find a home. The idea of a virtual House of Ukraine will become a powerful display of solidarity.

Maison du Portugal-André de Gouveia, Ukrainian

The ideal and utopia represented by the Cité internationale at the end of the Great War still persists when conflicts are renewed and fear is growing everywhere. Despite the troubled and difficult context, the great and beautiful ideas of peace, culture, tolerance and solidarity still live here.

Maison des étudiants canadiens, French-Canadian

The residents of the House of the Canadian Students are therefore honoured to share their living environment with students and researchers fleeing the war in Ukraine. We stand together!

Maria et Jean-François
Maison des étudiants canadiens, Canadian

The best we can do now to help from here is to welcome people in need to the Cité Internationale and give them all our support so that they feel welcome and find the strength to move forward.

Maison de l’Argentine, Argentinian

The idea of a virtual House of Ukraine seems to me an incredible idea and I would like it to be open to all refugee students and researchers in the world.

Fondation de Monaco, Venezuelan

This mobilisation shows our attachment to peace and cohesion. These are values that must be defended at all times through concrete actions!

Maison des étudiants suédois, Swedish

A terrible war has knocked on the door of the Ukrainians. I think of my family. My heart bleeds, my soul aches. The House of Ukraine is a warm gesture from the Cité internationale. Thank you for giving a glimmer of hope to our young people. Your support is precious to me.

Fondation Deutsh de la Meurthe, Ukrainian

I lost my home without reason. The idea to create a virtual Ukrainian house is really good and important. It might help lots of Ukrainian people find the ‘‘home’’ in a dialog with compatriots. Also it’ll be a good experience for all of us to exchange our cultural identity.

Fondation Deutsh de la Meurthe, Ukrainian

I live the tragedy from one of the most emblematic places for peace between peoples and nations. I participated in the organisation of a collecting point but we should not forget that it is the people who make the country. The House of Ukraine is a concrete action to contribute to the revival of Ukraine and to spread European values.

Collège franco-britannique, Ukrainian
Standing with the youth of the world
Faithful to its founding values, the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris has always been committed to peace with the world's youth, students and researchers. It has a long tradition of welcoming student refugees. Today, we need your support to build the House of Ukraine and to host 500 Ukrainian students, researchers and academics escaping the war.
Jean-Marc Sauvé, President of the National Foundation Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

The Cité internationale de Paris, a humanist place for opening up to the world

The Cité internationale de Paris is a unique institution in the French university and institutional landscape. The Cité internationale is an asset in the pursuit of international attractiveness by offering a tailor-made welcome to international students and researchers.

A school for life and sharing
The Cité internationale was born in the aftermath of the First World Far from the dreams and will of people involved in public life and exceptional philanthropists. They wanted to contribute to the construction of a peaceful world by building a place dedicated to international exchange.
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A major player in welcoming students in international mobility
The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris has always been a pioneer when it comes to international mobility and welcoming international students and researchers. For close to 20 years, it has been developing...
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Shared values
The Cité internationale was built around strong values: peace, tolerance, solidarity and intercultural dialogue. Almost a century after its creations these values are still at the heart of the project. Several generations of residents have borne them and continue to live them.
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